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I saw a pretty pigeon in the park today,

I tried to befriend it but it told me to go away,

I turned and walked and came upon a beautiful bee, 

It was hiding an object under some leafy debris,

I asked the bee what it had hidden,

It said to speak of it was forbidden,

I said what can a bee possibly have to hide,

It said the honey of my friend who has recently died,

I offered my condolences to this mourning bee,

Then walked until I came to rest beneath a beautiful tree,

I asked the tree to give me advice,

It said, “on loyalty and love; do not put a price”,

I watched the leaves inhale the sun, 

Until that moment was broken by the crack of a gun,

I turned and saw a man fall to the ground, 

The park was shaken by this foreign sound, 

The trees groaned at the sight of his blood,

And the grass wept as it became crimson mud, 

"How many more?" I asked this wise old tree,

It said, “until all that is left is a faded memory.”

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I sure do laugh a lot for someone who’s dead on the inside.

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